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At a crossroad of the Main Road -which starts from the countryside of the Pianura Padana, crosses the Balkans and lands in the Great West- three good guys have signed a pact with the Devil. To be honest, they already knew playing before meeting the bogeyman, therefore the latter only tuned guitars, drums, banjo and laptop in order to make them play ancient and modern, vintage and trendy, folk and punk at the same time. With this loot the three traveled all over the world and they have played with artists like Mike Patton, Calexico, Marc Ribot, Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley e Captain Beefheart), Chris Speed (John Zorn), Mark Orton (the award-winning composer of the soundtrack of Nebraska) and Vinicio Capossela, to name only the most well-known.

The sound of Guano Padano is “warm” and vibrating. It blends the timeless melodies of the Morricone’s western and the pulsating rhythms of the surf punk of John Zorn, the heartbreaking atmospheres of the Tex Mex ballads of Calxico, the free jazz experimentation and the phsychedelia of Sixties.

Soundtrack of old western, but also books… often yellowed, forgotten and fundamental books, usually American books. A soundtrack dedicated to the dust of the desert between Arizona and Mexico, to the losers of John Steinbeck and to the “wop” of John Fante. Guano Padano’s music celebrates the great man’s journey to the unknown. A travel started from a small town in the Italian province and conquering the West of soul. It’s “metropolitan folk”, baby, melancholy and wild, sad and mad at the same time.

“It’s the perfect soundtrack for a movie shot by Sergio Leone, Jim Jarmusch and Sofia Coppola together”. In this way speaks Joey Burns of Calexico about them. A soundtrack played with vintage instruments but with a “contemporary ear” .

Founded in 2007 by guitarist Alessandro “Asso” Stefana and by drummer Zeno De Rossi, both already next to Vinicio Capossela, and by bass player Danilo Gallo (El Gallo Rojo’s creator with De Rossi; it’s an experimental jazz collective). With only three album they realized the project more traditionally Italian and with the greatest international ambition.

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